Saturday, May 24, 2008

LifeLock : The Best for Your Good Name

Beware of the hackers! Nowadays they use the more sophisticated program to spy on your browsing habits, track your data and your financial personal information. When they have stolen them, they will use them to ruin your good name. It is important to find the best way to keep your online identity secure.

LifeLock is the best company which has a mission of preventing and protecting their customer from identity theft. It offers interesting program with low price. With only $10 per month, the customer will get $1 million total service guarantee. Life lock will provide request fraud alert, alert renewal, credit report, reduction in pre-approved credit card offers, legal assistance to recover stolen identities, and many other services. LifeLock has the excellent customer service to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction.

The two more innovative and exclusive services of LifeLock are True Address and eRecon. These two services use sophisticated technology to detect the costumer’s identity that has been stolen or sold or traded.

The other companies may offer the same program, but only LifeLock can guarantee your good name.

If you want to enroll, you can receive the best lifelock promo codes and get the discount. Come on, join LifeLock!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Small Business Loan; the Best Solution for Small Business

Do you want to keep your small business up? Having a financial problem and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry. Every cloud has a silver lining. America One offers you the best solution for your problem . It is Small Business Loan.

There are many advantages of taking this loan. You don’t have to wait too long because you can get Loan in a form of cash or checks in just a few days. Have you experienced a complicated process on starting up loan? It won’t happen in here. There will be easy application process since no financial documentation required in most instances. Even business license is not required.

Small Business Loan provides competitive interest rates. They are as low as 7.99% variable APR. How about the type of business? Is it only for some special type? One of the preeminence of Small Business Loan is it can accept any type of business. Beside that, you don’t have to pay for application costs or upfront fees.

Small Business Loan provides some services. One of them which is also interesting is Personal Loans. Sometimes we have to pay for our necessity but we don’t have enough money. For any purpose such as cost of a party, home improvement, debt consolidation, even to start a business, you can apply a loan with various amounts. Interested? What are you waiting for? Apply your loan soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Present Perfect Tense

Present perfect tense digunakan untuk mengungkapkan suatu kegiatan atau peristiwa yang telah terjadi.

Kata keterangan waktu (Adverbs of time) yang dapat digunakan:
since ... : sejak ...
for ... : selama ...
recently : baru-baru ini
lately : akhir-akhir ini

Positive Sentence
I/You/We/They + have + V3
He/She/It + has + V3

Verba ketiga (V3) ada dua macam:
1. Regular verb (verba berarturan) --> V1 + d/ed
2. Irregular verb (verba tidak beraturan) --> lihat daftar dalam kamus

Contoh kalimat:
They have stood under the tree for two hours.
= Mereka telah berdiri di bawah pohon itu selama dua jam.
The secretary has typed the letter since 10 o'clock.
= Sekretaris telah mengetik surat sejak pukul 10.

Negative Sentence
I/You/We/They + have + not + V3
He/She/It + has + not + V3

Have not disingkat menjadi haven't.
Has not disingkat menjadi hasn't.

Contoh kalimat:
They have not stood under the tree for two hours.
The secretary has not typed the letter since 10 o'clock.

Interrogative Sentence
Have + I/you/we/they + V3
Has + he/she/it + V3

Contoh kalimat:
Have they stood under the tree for two hours?
Has the secretary typed the letter since 10 o'clock?

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Popular Proverb (7)

Don't make yourself a mouse, or the cat will eat you.

Kita seharusnya selalu bersikap sewajarnya sebab kalau tidak, hal itu akan merugikan diri kita sendiri.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Idiom: Pig-headed

Pig-headed: keras kepala
She is so pig-headed. She doesn't want to listen to my advice.
= Ia begitu keras kepala. Ia tidak mau mendengarkan nasihat saya.

Stylish Web Design

There are millions of blogs on the internet. They talk about different topics, such as health, business, technology, finance, insurance, languages, music, sports, or web design. Talking about a web design blog, there is one good blog which is worth visiting. Why? This web design blog contains much information on stylish web designs, tips and tricks, and of course security which will be useful to visitors or readers.

In this blog there is also information on user account control which plays a very important role in a system. If the admin cannot manage this user account control well, it will cause a lot of problems. There are usually so many user accounts in a system. All of these accounts should be managed in such a way that the security and the privacy of accounts become a priority.

One more important information from this blog is that you can become a member of spyware community. By becoming the member, you can avoid spyware which runs on your system. You will be given two alternatives of membership: Basic Membership or Advanced Membership. If you choose Advanced Membership, of course you will get more facilities. An alert system will tell you if there are unauthorized software installations.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Important Vocab: Eriksen Translations

Kosakata berikut diambil dari bacaan mengenai Eriksen Translations:

accurate (adj) : akurat, teliti

apply (v) : menerapkan

become (v) : menjadi

blunder (n) : kesalahan besar

certainly (adv) : tentu saja

communicate (v) : berkomunikasi

comprehensive (adj) : meliputi banyak hal, menyeluruh

consist of (v) : terdiri dari

culture (n) : kultur, budaya

customer (n) : pelanggan

difficult (adj) : sulit, sukar

environment (n) : lingkungan

excellent (adj) : sangat baik

expert (n) : ahli, pakar

field (n) : lapangan, bidang

find (v) : menemukan

guarantee (v) : menjamin

impact (n) : dampak

important (adj) : penting

language (n) : bahasa

life(n) : kehidupan

master (v) : menguasai

natural (adj) : natural, alami, wajar

need (v) : membutuhkan

nowadays (adv) : dewasa ini

occur (v) : terjadi

offer (v) : menawarkan

priority (n) : prioritas

provide (v) : menyediakan

quality (n) : kualitas, mutu

reach (v) : mencapai

really (adv) : benar-benar

result (n) : hasil

role (n) : peranan

service (n) : jasa, pelayanan

sound (v) : kedengaran

therefore (conj) : oleh karena itu

translation (n) : terjemahan

value (n) : nilai

various (adj) : berbagai

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eriksen Translations

A language plays a very important role in our life. If we do not master a language, we will find it difficult to communicate with other people. Nowadays a great many people and businesses need professional translation service. Eriksen Translations is a big translation service which provides its service to businesses from various fields. Comprehensive multilingual services in over 100 languages are offered by this translation service.

The quality of translation becomes the priority of Erikson Translations, which consists of experts not only in language but also in industry. So, the translation sounds very natural and it is really accurate. Therefore, the customers are satisfied with this professional language translation service. As we know, the excellent translation has a big impact on the success of a company. If the translation is bad, it will be more difficult for a company to reach its target audience.

Eriksen Translations cares about and pays attention to the values of business. The values of business are also related to culture. A number of cultural blunders sometimes occur in business environment and they will certainly have a bad effect on the business. That’s why, in doing its job, Erikson Translations applies cultural consulting system to guarantee the best result.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kunci Jawaban: Latihan dengan 4 Tenses

Berikut ini adalah kunci jawaban untuk Latihan dengan 4 Tenses:

1. Rezki ……… a new computer next week. (buy)

(+) Rezki will buy a new computer next week.

(-) Rezki will not buy a new computer next week.

(?) Will Rezki buy a new computer next week?

2. Didiet ……… my blog two weeks ago. (visit)

(+) Didiet visited my blog two weeks ago.

(-) Didiet did not visit my blog two weeks ago.

(?) Did Didiet visit my blog two weeks ago?

3. My father …….. a cup of coffee every morning. (drink)

(+) My father drinks a cup of coffee every morning.

(-) My father does not drink a cup of coffee every morning.

(?) Does My father drink a cup of coffee every morning?

4. Dewi and Putri ……… articles for their blogs at this moment. (write)

(+) Dewi and Putri are writing articles for their blogs at this moment.

(-) Dewi and Putri are not writing articles for their blogs at this moment.

(?) Are Dewi and Putri writing articles for their blogs at this moment?

5. The cat ……. a big mouse last night. (catch)

(+) The cat caught a big mouse last night.

(-) The cat did not catch a big mouse last night.

(?) Did the cat catch a big mouse last night?

6. Miss Mitha …….. English three times a week. (teach)

(+) Miss Mitha teaches English three times a week.

(-) Miss Mitha does not teach English three times a week.

(?) Does Miss Mitha teach English three times a week?

7. Sachroel ……… in a Japanese restaurant last week. (eat)

(+) Sachroel ate in a Japanese restaurant last week.

(-) Sachroel did not eat in a Japanese restaurant last week.

(?) Did Sachroel eat in a Japanese restaurant last week?

8. The technician ……. the computer now. (repair)

(+) The technician is repairing the computer now.

(-) The technician is not repairing the computer now.

(?) Is the technician repairing the computer now?

9. The students ……….. a scientific experiment once a month. (make)

(+) The students make a scientific experiment once a month.

(-) The students do not make a scientific experiment once a month.

(?) Do the students make a scientific experiment once a month?

10. The committee ……… a meeting tomorrow. (hold)

(+) The committee will hold a meeting tomorrow.

(-) The committee will not hold a meeting tomorrow.

(?) Will the committee hold a meeting tomorrow?

Compare LifeLock and Debix

Data security is very important, especially when it has something to do with our credit account. Just imagine what and how it will be if someone accesses our account and uses it in our name. He/she can do many harmful things, such as applying for credits. For this reason, identity theft prevention is needed in order to make our account safe and to prevent unauthorized people from opening and using our account.

To prevent identity theft, we can use the services provided by third party. There are a number of online companies which provides this kind of service. One of them is Debix. By taking advantages of this service, we can protect our account from unauthorized people. That’s not all… we can also get other important services, such as reducing junk mails and getting free credit reports.

Now, let’s compare LifeLock and Debix. Just visit the site and you will be able to make a comparison. It seems that both of them give similar services: the customer will get reduction in junk mails, receive free credit reports, and also get $1,000,000 guarantee. But the latter charges a lower annual cost to the customers and gives other services, too. Two of several services which are not given by the former are preventing telemarketing phone calls and giving the customer a phone call which will enable him/her to approve or decline new accounts opened by unauthorized people.