Thursday, May 1, 2008

Compare LifeLock and Debix

Data security is very important, especially when it has something to do with our credit account. Just imagine what and how it will be if someone accesses our account and uses it in our name. He/she can do many harmful things, such as applying for credits. For this reason, identity theft prevention is needed in order to make our account safe and to prevent unauthorized people from opening and using our account.

To prevent identity theft, we can use the services provided by third party. There are a number of online companies which provides this kind of service. One of them is Debix. By taking advantages of this service, we can protect our account from unauthorized people. That’s not all… we can also get other important services, such as reducing junk mails and getting free credit reports.

Now, let’s compare LifeLock and Debix. Just visit the site and you will be able to make a comparison. It seems that both of them give similar services: the customer will get reduction in junk mails, receive free credit reports, and also get $1,000,000 guarantee. But the latter charges a lower annual cost to the customers and gives other services, too. Two of several services which are not given by the former are preventing telemarketing phone calls and giving the customer a phone call which will enable him/her to approve or decline new accounts opened by unauthorized people.

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