Thursday, September 25, 2008

Idiom: As Good As Gold

An easy idiom today about gold — ‘as good as gold’.

We use this idiom if we want to say that something or someone is very good. It may be a machine or an animal for example that is reliable and trustworthy. Perhaps it could be used to describe somebody who is very well behaved or reliable. Here are two examples for you.

‘The old car is still going well and the engine is as good as gold. It is very reliable indeed.’

‘My littler son is really great and now and he's as good as gold when we travel in the car. No problems at all.’

‘as good as gold’ — ‘bagus sekali atau bisa diandalkan’


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Business Cards

It cannot be denied that the existence of a business card is very important. It has certain meaning and symbol. It can serve as the representative of the company, the sales letter, etc. That’s why, the professional business card image and style are required to describe a company to its clients. Maybe it has happened many times to us that, when we see a business card for the first time, then an image is created in our mind saying that,”Oh… This company is very professional!”

Realizing the importance of the image created in the clients’ mind, it is no wonder that business owners will make an effort to make good and professional business cards. Now the process of making business cards is very fast. You can also save a certain amount of energy and money if you want to make online business cards. There are a number of websites on the internet which provide online business cards. One of the websites is A lot of template designs are provided to business owner if they want to make business cards for their own businesses. All the template designs look very professional. You will not be dissapointed. Just visit the website if you are interested!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Many people like telling or sharing jokes. It is one of the ways to refresh their mind or to refresh the atmosphere. Some jokes contain educational values while some others are nasty. It is up to you what kind of jokes you are going to tell, share, or listen to. The most important thing is: Don’t do it excessively!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Idioms Using the Word 'Stand'

Our first idiom is ‘can't stand it’. We use this idiom if we want to say that we cannot cope or put up with something any longer. Maybe there are problems or maybe somebody is making things difficult for you. Then we use this idiom.

‘My brother keeps playing music too loud at night. I cannot study properly. I can't stand it any longer. It is very bad for me.’

Another idiom using the word stand is ‘stand up and be counted’. Now this is a good one for you to use. If we want to tell somebody or a group to be strong and to let other people know how they really feel, then we can tell them to ‘stand up and be counted’.

‘If you really feel that way about the problem then make sure the Headmaster knows how you feel on this subject. Do not be quiet and shy, stand up and be counted.’

‘You know, sometimes we do have to stand up and be counted — we have to make sure people know how we feel about something and not just be happy to sit back and be passive.’

‘can't stand it’ — ‘tidak tahan’

‘stand up and be counted’ — ‘berani mengungkapkan pendapat’


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Subjunctive dengan Would Rather

Sebagai subjunctive, ungkapan ini dipergunakan untuk menyatakan suatu preference, yaitu subjek pertama lebih suka subjek kedua untuk melakukan/tidak melakukan sesuatu, namun keinginan itu tidak terpenuhi.

S1 + would rather + that* + S2 + past tense

S1 + would rather + that* + S2 + past perfect tense

* that dapat dihilangkan.


I would rather that he studied hard.

(Real fact : He doesn’t study hard.)

I would rather you helped her.

(Real fact : You don’t help her.)

I would rather they had played well.

(Real fact : They didn’t play well.)

I would rather Heru hadn’t done such a silly thing.

(Real fact : Heru did such a silly thing.)