Thursday, September 25, 2008

Idiom: As Good As Gold

An easy idiom today about gold — ‘as good as gold’.

We use this idiom if we want to say that something or someone is very good. It may be a machine or an animal for example that is reliable and trustworthy. Perhaps it could be used to describe somebody who is very well behaved or reliable. Here are two examples for you.

‘The old car is still going well and the engine is as good as gold. It is very reliable indeed.’

‘My littler son is really great and now and he's as good as gold when we travel in the car. No problems at all.’

‘as good as gold’ — ‘bagus sekali atau bisa diandalkan’


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Callie Lorenzo said...

thaank you for the explanation .. actually when i was reading various articles in order to write my essay on the cities i stayed in and i came upon this ideom and couldn't find the meaning that would fit perfectly with the article i read..but now i found out what exactly this idiom means..again thank you!!