Thursday, August 7, 2008

Visionary CEO

Many people have known about Nouveau Riche University which has produced successful people. Many students have become real estate investors or successful businessmen. It is Jim Piccolo who becomes the driving force behind this university. He has much experience in business and he has become president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a number of big companies. He is so inspirational that many people can learn from him.

Jim Piccolo’s vision is remarkable. No wonder that he can manage national and multinational companies successfully. Good decision must be taken to be successful in business. Wrong decision will lead to disaster. Your financial condition will be bad and you will lose many things. Parents should take anticipative steps in order to teach their children how to avoid disastrous financial condition. By teaching the children from their early ages, they will be able to overcome their financial problems in the future.

Self-confidence and moral responsibility are required when someone wants to achieve success. Failure is not the beginning of destruction. Jim Piccolo knows exactly about this condition. Therefore, he has made efforts to help other people who want to get out of their financial problems and to create wealth. Interested in knowing more about him?

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Unknown said...

The question is how much is enough? Is anyone worth $100 Billion for doing what people used to be paid maybe $1 million a year max for before? More appropriately, is this part of a problem or a good thing. According to the research from the essaytyper home page, history and current economics suggest it is a bad thing. ... besides seemingly a bit crazy. Extremes always lead to problems. Right now in America especially we are heading more and more to extremes, notably in wealth inequality. When there are extremes, there is always an adjustment which causes chaos and destruction. That adjustment is going to occur not because CEOs are doing so well, but because it is harder and harder for the middle class to survive with stagnant wages at the same time as expenses for necessities such as food, shelter, education, medical care, housing, etc. multiply. This leads to an explosive situation that needs to be defused. It's like all the smart boys and girls working to create automation that will replace many millions of jobs. Everyone knows it will lead to a problem, but how many people are working to find a solution to that problem? We need strategic solutions for problems like these rather then the reactions that happens when problems explode. Elon and other CEOs are just blowing up a bubble that will eventually pop. Why not come up with a better plan?
PS. I'm systematically working on it, but there are a lot of moving parts. Many of the problems like this are not well known. You would be surprised, but there is a path.