Friday, October 17, 2008

Latihan Subjunctive

Pada pelajaran terdahulu kita telah mempelajari bentuk subjunctive dengan wish, if only, as if/as though, dan would rather.

Sekarang cobalah buat bentuk subjunctive, dimulai dengan kata-kata dalam tanda kurung!


She didn’t come to my party. (I wish)

I wish she had come to my party.

1. I can’t speak French. (I wish)

2. He doesn’t study abroad. (I would rather)

3. I’m not a millionaire. (If only)

4. You didn’t see a ghost. (You looked as if)

5. She’s not here. (I wish)

6. You didn’t stay here. (I would rather)

7. I can’t sing like Mariah Carey. (If only)

8. German is not his mother tongue. (Budi speaks German as if)

9. She doesn’t have a new house. (She wishes)

10. Mr. Rudi didn’t come late. (The students wished)


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