Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jawaban Latihan Subjunctive

Berikut ini adalah jawaban atas latihan Subjunctive yang diberikan beberapa waktu lalu.

  1. I wish I could speak French.
  2. I would rather he studied abroad.
  3. If only I were a millionaire!
  4. You looked as if you had seen a ghost.
  5. I wish she were here.
  6. I would rather you had stayed here.
  7. If only I could sing like Mariah Carey.
  8. Budi speaks German as if German were his mother tongue.
  9. She wishes she had a new house.
  10. The students wished Mr. Rudi had come late.

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Andrew Steves said...

The structures If only, I would rather and I wish are the most commonly used in the Subjunctive mode. In fact, usually it's an emphatic sentence that expresses emotions and feelings of the speaker. However, it can be used even in Research Paper Writings and academic papers, as well as resumes and cover letters, expressing the emotions of the applicant.