Thursday, July 17, 2008

Idioms Using the Word 'Fire'

Today's idioms all use the word fire. The first idiom is ‘fire away’. We use this idiom when we want to tell someone to begin something. It may be to begin talking, to start playing a game or even to begin working. In the following example, Steve is invited to start the meeting by being told to ‘fire away’.

‘Thank you all for coming today and as we have a lot of work to do. I think we better get started. Steve is going to tell us about the future so Steve, fire away!

The second idiom is ‘all fired up’. We use this idiom to say that we are ready, really ready to begin something. In fact it also means that we are a little angry or excited about the activity we are about to begin.

‘I really want to tell people about this problem in our forests. They are being destroyed so fast that I am worried about their future. I am really fired up on this topic and the sooner we start the better. I have a lot to say.’

‘fire away’ — ‘ayo mulai’

‘fired up’ — ‘bersemangat’


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